Recommendations for an electric space heater, please.

My efficiency apartment has an extremely old radiator system for heat. When the outside temperature is consistently below freezing, the inside temp is consistently in the upper 50s. I’m looking for a space heater that I can place directly facing where I’m sitting, at the computer, or at the dining table.

I don’t need it at night; I’ve got blankets and quilts and shit. I just need something that will keep my hands and feet warm while I’m on the computer, reading, or eating. So it needs to be fairly easy to shift around, but a limited range after it’s placed in position is just fine.

  1. It must be electric. I have no way to vent to the outdoors.

  2. Please, no, “here is a good one I found on Google.” Please, only recommend from personal experience with the product or manufacturer.

So: suggestions?

I literally just bought this one, so I’ll check back in a few days and update. Mainly I popped in though to ask what square footage you’re looking at heating.

The approximately 4 square feet where my body is based. It’d be nice if the heat rises up another few feet to where my head is.

I’m not looking for an auxiliary heater for the entire apartment. I just want something that will keep my body warm at one particular spot within the apartment.

That is a good one because it will be safe.
If something drops on top of it will not start a fire.
You want an oil filled heater, with a thermostat, and a tip over safety switch.
I had over 20 years as a stationary engineer in high rise office buildings and because of fire code that is the only type we would allow.

Not as safe as the oil filled unit recommended, but I’ve used the parabolic reflector infrared heaters in the past. They don’t heat the air much, but what, or who, ever they are pointed at will be toasty.

I love my Presto HeatDish. I use it for the same reason you want one and I couldn’t be happier. Really keeps me quite content as I putter about on my computer. It has a loud alarm for if it gets knocked over (You have to remember to turn the heater off when you move it even the tiniest bit.) and has a footlight, too. I don’t like the built-in heater in my bedroom, so this is the only one I use.

Costco always has a good price on them. The stores in my area always have one going in the Winter and, wow, you can feel it blasting away from across one of their wide aisles. That would be a good place to go to see if you would like it.

The #1 thing to remember is FIRE SAFETY.

I also have a Presto Heat Dish that’s six or seven years old and still going strong. The alarm will scare the crap out of you and scatter the cats, but for heating just me and not the room during colder spells it’s been great.

For radiant heat—making my skin feel warmer than the ambient air—I very much like the Soleus Micathermic. I 've bought them for my parents and my sister, and we’ve all been very pleased.

For blowing a modest stream of warm air, I’ve been pleased with my Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater. Benefits: I can use it as a pretty effective (and quiet) fan in summer; has a thermostat. Not cheap, though I got a factory refurb for about $120 through Woot, I think.

For keeping an entire room warm, I like the oil-filled radiator type. Brand probably not important.

For under my desk, blowing on my ankles, I have one of the 1500-watt quartz element types.

None of these have open (or even visible) heating elements.

This looks to be exactly what I’m after. Thanks!

My parents bought one like that a long time ago. I’d say 20+ years. I don’t know the brand, but a couple of apartments ago, I needed something to heat the space (the “permanently installed heating system” was a gas fireplace unit and I wanted more radiant heat. It was fantastic.

And over Christmas, when discussion turned to how cold my younger brother’s new apartment is, my mother pulled out the one they’d bought all those years ago. It still works great and younger brother is very happy with the heat it puts out.

I have a Broan ceramic air heater. It is 2 speed with a temp setting. It is cube shaped, about 6" or so. Puts out a lot of heat. Very sturdy and well made. Perfect for under a desk or for a small room.

Where I used to work, my computer station was in an unheated part of the space available. I used a Pelonis something like this one

It did a fantastic job; good enough that I kept it when I left there. I especially like that the one I I have has a dust filter that can be cleaned and replaced simply. It was pricey (like 90 bucks) but worth every penny.