Recommendations for expat websites?

Good day,

A couple of days ago I received a recruiting email from a company in UAE. I am interested, within reason, in pursuing this but this would obviously entail some significant consequences and implications, so I’m trying to do my homework.

I’ve discovered a number of expat websites but I would be interested in recommendations from worldly/expat Dopers out there.

Thank you very much

Well if you are of high moral character you shouldn’t have any problems there. But if not:

Hey PastTense,

Thanks for that though, having worked there during a month-long business trip, I’m comfortable with the mix of conservatism and western trappings. (I actually had a really enjoyable and interesting time there)

I’m more interested in cost factors etc to consider for salary negotiations etc, should I get to that point.

You might want to check out this site, which lists comparative consumer prices for lots of cities:

If you have a specific city in mind, there might be a local site. Here in Cebu, there is a very active expat forum, where I get a dozen replies first day when I have a question.