Recommendations for good, MYST-like games (PC)

Like the title says. My GF will play computer games but really only games like MYST (she also played RIVEN). I’d like to find something akin to those that are still out there and wortwhile. In particular she likes the puzzle solving aspects so strength there is good. Nothing that requires a twitch response at all (or barely any) and preferably low on the violence scale.

Any ideas?

There was an browser based one floating around here recently, can’t remember it’s name though.

Check out the “point n click” and “escape” games section on There are scads of games like those on there.

I think the one the other dude is thinking of is “Mystery of Time and Space”, which is the granddaddy of the genre, it’s been around since 2001 or so. I keep going back every few years to replay it.

Shivers is good. You’re trapped in a museum full of puzzles and there are Aztec demons on the loose. No violence. No need for speed. Challenging puzzles.

There’s also 7th Guest. You’re stuck in a haunted house full of puzzles. Some violence, but nothing graphic. No need for speed. Challenging puzzles. Some consider it a classic.

Has she played Myst III-V?

Myst V was not that great, but Myst III was excellent and Myst IV is the best in the whole series. She could skip to Myst IV and not miss a beat. It’s a great game.

Eh. I started out liking Myst IV a lot, great atmosphere, etc., but by the end, I felt rather underwhelmed (especially all those “Just click around a lot to complete your drudgerous task, there isn’t really any complex thought involved” puzzles with Peter Gabriel music playing, or whatever it was, at the very end). My personal ranking would be, from best to worst, Riven [fantastic, fantastic game], Myst [I’ve never gone back and replayed it, but in my memory, it was revelatory in terms of game design; there is much warm nostalgia here], Myst III: Exile [quite enjoyable, though not a must-play], Myst IV: Revelation [decent way to spend time, but didn’t live up to my expectations in the end]

(Haven’t played Myst V, so I have no opinion on it)

I played one from Steam called Safecracker, which was decent. More like Seventh Guest/11th Hour than Myst. Just a mansion with lots of puzzles in each room.