Recommendations for MacOSX music composition software

Does anybody have a recommendation for a good software package for music composition on OSX? All I need is a basic note editor that can output decent looking sheet music (preferably both scores and parts, but scores alone would be fine.)

A bonus would be if it can use Apple’s MIDI instruments, so I can make it sound as good as GarageBand. (GarageBand is so totally rad, but limited.)

I played around with a demo of Sibelius a while ago but found the interface extremely obtuse and couldn’t get it to work. Maybe I’ll try it again.

Bumpily-dumpily, neighborino.

You might try Melody Assistant ($20), or possibly also Harmony Assistant ($70), both from Myriad Software. The downloads on those pages are demos you can try out.

I’m not a musician or a composer, but these programs have been around a long time (I did toy with them once, years ago), and the user reviews are pretty favorable.

Hope this is helpful.