Recommendations for portable solar chargers for small devices

I’m looking for recommendations for portable solar chargers.

[li]Under 10 oz.[/li][li]Not a weird shape (like my current, under-powered, weirdly-rounded Solio, a fine iPod charger but not much else). Rectangular. [/li][li]Can be charged and used as a battery (unlike some products that function as a solar-to-device pass-through power source, but can’t store a charge).[/li][li]Has both the capacity to charge and tips/adapters to accommodate an iPod, Android phone, Galaxy tablet, folding Bluetooth keyboard. I can use some additional cords or a coupling component, but I’d rather not because they get misplaced or make looser connections. [/li][li]Quick charge time is a plus.[/li][/ul]
The goal is to expand my capacity to charge from a source other than the wall, so I won’t need to plug sensitive electronics into a fluctuating/dubious power supply while traveling. I often charge my netbook, unplug it, then charge the smaller devices from it by USB, but even though a netbook is pretty light, it’s not as light as using my phone or a tablet for checking email or blogging, and it doesn’t fit in my preferred travel shoulder bag. Plus, I’d rather not blow out my netbook.

I’m looking at this kind of thing, I think.

Your thoughts, suggestions, caveats? I could also use a plug converter with a 110/250V surge strip, but I’d just as soon keep away from wall power when possible.