Recommendations, please. What to do in Savannah, Ga?

My SO and I are going to Savannah in a couple of weeks for a convention. We’re going to stick around for a few days after and I’d appreciate any suggestions on things to do, places to go, edible organic nourishment, etc., particularly good galleries and tours.

I LOVE Savannah. We had so much fun there.

Make sure and eat something at The Lady and Sons. It’s better if you leave the rest of the day free, so you can sit around groaning. We had to cancel a whole day of stuff to sit in the hotel room and groan about how good the food was while we enjoyed being overstuffed.

Read or watch Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, then take one of the tours.

If you like forts, there’s Fort Jackson and another one on the road out to Tybee Island. I’m a big fan of visiting various forts. Tybee Island is supposed to have some nice beaches, but every time we headed out there it started to rain. The lighthouse is pretty cool, but it was closed when we went.

If you’ve never been on a riverboat, take one of the riverboat rides from the docks on the river. While you’re down there, visit the candy store/candy factory and there’s an Irish Pub that I can’t remember the name of, but they have live music and were a lot of fun.

I was already to suggest a bunch of stuff but now all I can say is go do what GMRyujin. I will back up about the Lady and Sons. You gotta eat there. No matter what you order, it will be good, there will be way to much of it but you’ll eat it all anyway. Afterward, plan to be a great big miserable, but happy, lump for the rest of the day. There’s a really great cemetary if you like that kind of stuff. The Riverwalk is a fun place with a lot of shops and restaurants/pubs. It’s a beautiful town to visit. I’m sure you and the so will have lots of fun.

If you’re into the historic house museum thing, you can visit the home of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts. She was a pretty fascinating woman and her house is in Savannah. I think you might have to call ahead to take a tour, but it’s worth it.

Oh, I wanted to mention…everything in town (at least, the tourist stuff) is closed on some bizarre day of the week like Monday or Tuesday (can’t remember which), so check hours and stuff before you head out.

Take the Haint Tour. Savannah is full of ghosts and haunted houses. (Okay, I don’t really believe it; but the tour is cool.)

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Thanks Cajun.

I looked up The Lady and Sons and it looks good. I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Any thoughts on The Pink House?

When you go to The Lady & Sons, order the chicken pot pie (where’s a drooling smiley when you need one?). Oooh, it is soooo good! My husband and I went to Savannah for our honeymoon, and we ate at the Lady & Sons twice. (Sorry, we didn’t go to The Pink House.)

Savannah is one of those great cities where if you want to be busy doing touristy things all day, you can be, but if you want to relax and not do much, you don’t really feel like you’re missing out. We spent every morning in our air-conditioned suite (hey, it was our honeymoon! :smiley: ) and kind of wandered around in the afternoons and evenings. Try to see all the squares, if you can, and take a guided tour – that will help you find places you want to see better and know more about. Go putzing around the riverfront and Congress Street. Look at the gorgeous old homes. We walked almost everywhere, except to Bonaventure Cemetary – it’s a bit out of town. Oh, one of our favorite places was the old, old Colonial Park cemetary in Savannah proper. It has great old headstones, where the "s"s look like "f"s and the epitaphs are very poetic. Forsyth Park is also beautiful.

And I recommend the book of Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil a million times over the movie. The movie sucked; the book is enchanting. When we went, I had read the book and seen the movie. Mr. Gazer had only seen the movie, and didn’t have time to read the book before we went. We got the book on tape to listen to when we were driving from the airport in Florida to Savannah. It was a great thing to listen to while we were down there.

I can recommend a place to stay, if you need one. You’re just going to love Savannah! It’s so unique, and it’s gorgeous. Have fun!

Ooh! I’ve eaten there, it was superb. It’s a “dress-up” kind of place and you’ll most likely need reservations. They had excellent food and a cozy bar downstairs.

I can’t wait to go back to Savannah. The Lady & Sons is also on my list of places to go; my friends who live there swear by it.

Enjoy your trip!

The two touristy areas are the Riverfront area, on the left of Bay Street, and the City Market area, a block or two to the right of Bay Street. In either case, you’ll have no problem finding good eating places. One of my favorites is the Tapas restaurant in the City Market. The only place in either area that I’ve been dissatisfied with was the Chart House restaurant. No problem with the quality of the food, but I could get just stuff just as good for a lot cheaper at just about any other place in the area.

One of my favorite stops is “The Crab Shack,” on Tybee Island (Savannah’s beach, about 20 minutes from downtown). Tybee does have a decent beach area. It’s nothing special, but I like it. Spanky’s is a good place to sit back and unlax and look at the ocean–and sometimes they even have crab races! They also have good food.

For something off the beaten path, take a ferry to Daufuskie Island, the island Pat Conroy taught at, which inspired the book “The Water Is Wide,” and movie “Conrack.” You can reach Daufuskie only by ferry, and Savannah is one of the points of departure, Hilton Head being the other one (about an hour or so north of Savannah by highway). It’s something I’ve wanted to do every time I’ve been in either place, but never made time for it.

I live in Savannah and have eaten there. Not impressed.

I have also met The Lady and one of the Sons. She grossly overdoes the accent. The son is a jerk. (IMHO, or course)
Anyways, if you’re into the Civil War thing, be sure to check out Forts Jackson & Pulaski.

If you decide to go to Tybee Island, WATCH YOUR SPEED!! Seriously!

Went to Savannah with my mom and we both absolutely loved it! AAMOF, I would move there in a split second! It’s a beautiful, interesting town. The spanish moss, courtyards and statuary are idyllic. What we did:

Walked the squares: Neat, but the tour we were on was booorrrinng, so we dogged it midway. Do it on your own and at your own pace.

The Ghost Tour on the other hand was great fun! Hokey, but still walking around Savannah at night with lightning but no rain (lucky us!) listening to ghost stories and watching our tourmates get all freaked out was hilarious!

Visited Bonaventura Cemetery: Final resting place of Johnny Mercer (lyricist of the haunting song, Moon River). Incredible collection of monuments and the scenery is breathtaking, so bring your camera. That is, if cemetaries don’t freak you out. Wish I could have spent more time there …you never know…

Stayed in a historic B&B (the only way IMHO to do Savannah): The antithesis of a hotel stay gives you personal interaction with a Savannah resident who can give you the best advice on what to do, where to go; beautiful accomodations; tea-times, usu. great food cooked for fewer people & with more care; opportunity to meet fellow travelers & share Savannah experiences.

Russian Tea Room for afternoon tea. Cool. Never did that before and it was a nice, relaxing escape from the downpour we experienced while roaming around the downtown area. For a low-budget character like me, sipping tea while dining on fine china (for a pretty penny, I might add) made me feel like royalty.

Did a lot of other things (got stuck in a parade, ate dinner on the riverfront, searched for a tobacco store…) but those were the highlights. Savannah was an experience I’m not likely to forget. I love you, Savannah! :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Saturday night we rented MITGOGAE. I enjoyed it, and the scenery was beautiful. It definitely looks like a good place to visit.

Take a ferry over to Harbour Town on Hilton Head. Do a dinner cruise. Take a zodiak (not a big boat) cruise to visit some dolphins. Go to the visitor’s station and take a trolley tour of the city. Take a ghost walking tour. Visit some historical homes. Get your picture taken on Forrest Gump’s park bench.

If southren food is your thang head to Mrs. Wilkes for lunch. You’re seated around large round tables with strangers and you have to pass the food around in big bowls.

I lived in Savannah for about three years about 5 years ago. Moon River Brewing Company on Bay St for decent microbrew and pretty good food. Ask for Gene, tell him UncleBill sent ya. I also recommend Lady and Sons, regardless of her accent and sons’ attitudes, but Mrs Wilkes’ is the real deal. Harder to find, but more authentic, and fewer tour groups. I have heard that the Mercer House is now open for tours (Garden of Good and Evil fame), but questions regarding the shooting and surrounding circumstances are politely discouraged. There is a wildlife preserve across the river where I have counted dozens of alligators on a few occassions (Savannah National Wildlife Refuge) when it is sunny. If you have a day to kill, ride up to Beaufort, SC and do a tour up there, too. Ask for my parents, tell them UncleBill sent ya.

If you have a free morning or afternoon, and want to get a general overlay of town, take one of the trolley tours. As of a couple years ago, you could get on and off all day, and if you really wanted to, take it around a couple of times. (If you’re just hanging out, this is almost worth it, as different guides have different stories).

I have to second Earl Snake-Hips Tucker on “The Crab Shack”. Pick a nice day, and spend time sitting out on the deck. Make sure to save some shrimp for the incredibly spoiled cats.