Recommendations wanted - movies that portray the Apocalypse

I’m one of the adult leaders for my church’s High School Youth Group. Our next meeting is going to focus on the Book of Revelation. As a way of introducing one of the books of the Bible least read by Episcopalians - and that’s saying a lot - we want to show the youngsters scenes from a movie clip that portrays The Apocalypse.

What pop-culture movies come to mind that show ‘Apocalyptic’ scenes? Natural disaster moves such as *Armageddon * will not do. We need beasts, Throngs of Heaven, abysses, and the sea giving up its dead. These are teenagers we’re working with, after all.

We’re also going to cover how the Apocalypse is represented in (Crap) Heavy Metal music. Metallica’s song *The Four Horseman * as a treasure trove! Again, these are teenagers we’re working with.

Not sure if any of these fit the criteria…

End of Days, Apocalypse (a series, I think), Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Bush Inauguration.

The Rapture

Much as I love that movie, it can NOT be shown to a church youth group w/o a LOT of judicious editing!

Look into Lux Vide’s THE APOCALYPSE starring Richard Harris as the Apostle John- it’s about the writing of Revelation in the context of the persecutions by the Emperor Domitian (tho I actually hold to a Neronic 60s dating of the book), with lotsa cool scenes from The Revelation (the Seven Seals, the Four Horsemen, the Trumpets, the Woman clothed w/ the Sun, the Dragon/Beast from the Sea, and of all things THE MARRIAGE SUPPER w/ Jesus dancing with His Bride). It’s the same company that did the TNT Bible movies.

For a look at the Rapturist view
Instead, get these three DVDs, available for around $5.50 each at W-M-

REVELATION, starring Jeff Fahey & Carol Alt
TRIBULATION, starring Gary Busey, w/ Margot Kidder & Howie Mandel
and JUDGEMENT, starring Corbin Bernsen w/ Mr. T.
All of them feature Nick Mancuso as the coolest screen AntiChrist ever.

Or for a kitchy blast from the past- the 1970’s-early 80s A THIEF IN THE NIGHT
series, including THIEF, A DISTANT THUNDER (the best of the bunch), IMAGE OF THE BEAST and THE PRODIGAL PLANET (which takes us up to the Seventh Trumpet but not quite the Return of Christ).

Maybe, take a look at THE OMEGA CODE 2-MEGIDDO w/ Michael York & Udo Kier as the Beast & the False Prophet. and a surprise appearance by R. Lee Ermey (Drill Sgt in FULL METAL JACKET).

For some more secular takes-

Apocalypse (a series, I think),


REVELATION, TRIBULATION and JUDGEMENT are the rest of this series. However, they are good & worth watching while Apocalypse wasn’t even as good as Left Behind.

Btw, get the Left Behind movies before you get the first The Omega Code. The ONLY thing good about that movie is Michael Ironside portraying a jilted aspriing False Prophet to Michael York’s Beast.

Regarding The Rapture:

I looked at the description of The Rapture on IMDB and saw this

:eek: I think *The Rapture * might not be the best choice to show to teenagers to illustrate scenes from the Apocalypse.

Thanks. *‘Lotsa cool scenes’ * - sounds like that’s the ticket, along with your other recommendation, Omen III.

Seventh Sign? The one with Demi Moore and the hottest Christ ever?

How about The Postman?

You should probably be able to find the Richard Harris THE APOCALYPSE at your local C’tian book store. If not, I think you can get in on the Net quickly- probably will run ya about $20

The Seventh Sign shows scenes of the sea turning to blood (etc) and has a lot of descriptions of how and why the world is ending, with translations of scripture and such.

Another vote for Megiddo: The Omega Code 2. The movie has excellent special effects; diabolic poison coursing through the bloodstream of the American president, the final battle on the plains of Israel, Satan’s true form revealed, and God’s ultimate response.
I think the movie would have been a huge hit, if it hadn’t had the misfortune of being released a few months after September 11th. Big budget disaster flicks took a bit of a hit on that.