Record "viewed/replied to" threads

O.K. General Questions only - what have been the most viewed/replied to SD threads since the beginning? I started scrolling but I have only a certain amount of time I can waste while at work and I’m already several times over the limit.

Since this is about this message board, I am moving it to About This Message Board.

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You can see some answers here. A rundown of all the board’s biggest threads can be seen here.

Those threads are good, but it’s easier to check the totals yourself.

  1. Open any forum, scroll down to the bottom

  2. Set the three dropdowns as follows:
    “Sorted By” = “Number of Views” or “Number of Replies”
    “Sort Order” = “Descending”
    “From The” = “Beginning”

  3. Click “Show Threads” button

The first thread after the stickies is the one with the most views/replies in that forum.