Recording CDs onto a hard drive

Is there a way to put songs from a CD onto my computer as an MP3 file? I know that with a CDRW drive, you can put files from the computer onto a CD, but can you do it the other way around?

if you get winamp ( they have a plug-in that you can use to change wav files into mp3’s. Also, if you download the new windows media player, you can copy the cd onto your hard drive and it will go into the memory of the program and you can play it whenever you want and make playlists of songs from different cd’s and stuff. Also, you can use the media player to create actualy mp3’s from the CD’s.

There were some good answers given on this topic a little while ago on this thread.
From CD to PC

I have used audiocatalyst,one of the suggestions in the thread,and was very pleased with the results.

Hope that helps.
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Real Jukebox can do it. I copied 3 or 4 albums to my comp quite easily

You can also dump them straight onto your HD with minimal compression by saving each track as a .wav file. Even better, most CD players have no problem at all reading .wavs burned back onto a recordable CD. This is a great thing if you want to keep a hard-to-find original safe while playing the hell out of the copy, especially if you’re not so good about handling them.