Recording (Cook County IL ) Birth Certificate in 1950's-time frame- how fast filed?

Were birth certificates in 1950’s recorded as quickly as they are recorded today or since the 1980 era? Was there or is there still a deadline upon which to file a birth certificate? And if one learns through these (wonderful)DNA genealogy tests- that the paternity/maternity differs than what was originally recorded- can one go back and officially change it? Regarding DNA - what legal rights does one have to get a birth certificate reissued?

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It probably varies by state and county. In Ohio the county health board retains the birth records. They are filled out by the doctor, not the hospital. Who knows how often they filed them? My mother’s birth certificate from 1923 is not recorded anywhere, just lost.

As for changing the name of the mother or father of record, that would be a tough one. It would certainly require action by the court. And what evidence would they accept? Not one of the under $100 DNA tests like 23 and Me. The (in) accuracy of these tests has been discussed here numerous times.


I was born in Cook County in the 1950s and my birth certificate is on file there. AIUI, the birth certificate was filled out by the doctor/midwife/cop who delivered the baby.

Here’s the Cook County Clerk’s Office section on how to change a birth record.

And if you want to change the father on a birth certificate, theDivision of Vital Records may consider it as not just a major change, but as part of the process of “legitimation.” And you’ll need a court order for that.


Thank you very much for the thoughtful details! I called the BVS this am and got the ball rolling. This was very helpful.
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Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Helfpul info that you provided. My mother was from Troy, Oh, so I have been to the Miami County BVS many times in past years digging up lots of genealogy there. Lots of Enyeart (well over 25 variant spellings) ancestry there, and from NY NJ PA OH etc… starting in 1664. If you have any connections please contact me again. Thanks! -Chris