Recording Off a Cel Phone

What is the equipment called? I’d Google it if I knew that.

I’d like to be able to conduct some interviews over the phone. My cel has a nifty little jack already and my recorder has a jack. I suppose I could splice something together out of an ear bud, but I’d rather have something of a more professional quality.

I’m not sure how to go about looking it up. So, here I am.

What’s the doohickey called that’ll let me record from my cel while I’m having a conversation? For bonus points, where can I get me one?

The best advice I would have is to go down to your cell phone provider and explain to them what you want to do with it. Sometimes (read:once in a while) they can help.
I know that an old baseball coach of mine retired and uses one of those type of things (or something else neat for a cell phone) to give updates from the baseball stadium straight out onto the radio (they broadcast from the park) but they might just have him call and put his call through to the radio (such as a D.J. would with any average caller…)
I dunno, but I think that your providers store would be a good place to start…good luck

Thanks for your comments.

The reponse I recvd from them was unhelpful.

OK, the thing is, the little jack on your cell phone is the hands free jack, which is a 1/8" jack. but not a typical one. It has (IIRC) three connections, one is the speaker, one is the mic, and the other is a common ground. Now, if you plug that right into a recorder with a patch cable, it would record the other person’s voice, yes, and you might even be able to hear it through the recorder’s speaker if it has one and owrks like that (I imagine most do) but you will have no awy to talk to him.

So, you need to get a 1/8" splitter cable, that turns the one male end into two female ends, and then buy another 1/8" patch cord. Run the patch cord to the recorder, and use the other female jack for the hands free set. The only problem I see with this is the recorder might not record what you say. I’m not sure if the signal from your voice will “loop back” through the splitter into the other end to the recorder. Seeing as they are designed for the signals on both lines to be coming from the same spot, not for one to be coming from one end and the other from another, it might not work. But it might be worth a try.

1/8" splitter cable, that turns the one male end into two female ends

1/8" patch cord

I’ll give it a try.