Recording videos via webcam

Is there a safe, easy, free way to record yourself via webcam? I looked at what’s on offer online, but they have .exe things to click,which “may” be “malicious”.

Would help if you mentioned what operating system you are using.

Sorry. XP. Browser is Google Chrome.

Many programs accept input from a source like a webcam (or screen capture program emulating a webcam.) I’ve done this with virtualdub, to name one of them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your webcam came with some software, if you still have the CDs that came with it.

I use a netbook, so no CDs.

Windows Live Movie Maker (free from Microsoft as part of their Windows Live package) can record from a webcam. -

I use Yawcam since it has the ability to automatically upload and the like. -

Yawcam looks promising… if it can record video. I’ll check it out later. Thanks!