Recordings of me singing

Here’s a recording of me singing You Must Love Me from Evita

Me singing You Must Love Me

Here’s Hello and Goodbye/Another Suitcase and Another Hall (the input and static are really loud here).

I’ll redo them when I’m less busy; they aren’t the best quality.

*Another Suitcase *In Another Hall

The first link isn’t working for me.

Are you channeling Florence Foster Jenkins?

Yes I have a spiritual connection to her ghost :smiley:
Before you popped in I was going to explain why that second one is so crappy… my recording quality isn’t that good. Oh and I made the unwise decision to record when I have a sore throat.

Also on a more serious note, does the first link not work for you too?

[[ Madonna singing it.]]

On another note, please don’t listen to that second one. Really. (Not reverse psychology; panache is right with the Foster Jenkins comment).

Any comments on the first link? As I said ignore the second one.

Here’s Another Suitcase In Another Hall

Still Foster Jenkinsesque?

Here. It’s much better than the second one, honestly.