Records not opened for XX years

Recently while looking up some stuff on Lizzie Borden it said the defendants notes were due to be opened but now a court ruled they could remain closed indefintely.

Also I was skimming across a site on Sybil (the one of many personalities) and they said it would be 25 years before the doctors notes were opened.

Who determains this? I mean is there a law that says this? Or is it up to the doctor or defending attorny?

I can understand not doing it while the people are living but in Sybil and Lizzie everybody is dead by now.

From my understanding, governments pass laws that set up these guidelines.

For example, after you fill out your U.S. Census form, no one outside of the Census Bureau can look at your individual info that would identify you for 72 years after the Census. So, whatever you told the Census Bureau last year will be hidden from the public until 2072.

Presidential papers are private for a particular number of years and that was determined by Congress.

The Lizzie Borden case might be the decision of a local judge in Massachusetts. It could be that the local prosecutor doesn’t want to open up its files.