Recreating DVD files

Apologies if there is a straightforward answer to this that I’m missing on Google, but everything I’ve found addresses ripping DVDs directly, instead of my situation.

Note: I’m working with files I’m the owner of - it’s video of some business presentations I did, so no worries about copyright infringement, etc.

What I did was I copied the files from a DVD onto my hard drive b/c someone else wanted the disk. I want to cut bits from them to insert into a PPT presentation.

On my hard drive I have two files:

  1. Video_RM - contains 5 files:
  • Video_MN.DAT
  • Video-MN.IFO
  • Video-RM.BUP
  • Video_RM.DAT
  • Video_RM.IFO
  1. Video_TS
  • Video_TS.BUP
  • Video_TS.IFO
  • Video_TS.VOB
  • VTS_01_0.VOB
  • VTS_01_0.IFO
    and then five files - VTS_01_1 thru 5.VOB, which I’ve determined are each of 5 presentations.

So, I tried to play in Windows Media Player, to no avail. I downloaded Prism from NCH and converted VTS_01_5.VOB (which is the meeting I want) and converted both to Windows Media and MP3. I get the video, but not the sound.

I know that on the original disk (which my colleague has), the sound is there, but faint. If anyone has suggestions for recreating this, I’d be darned grateful.

I know how to do this on a Mac, if thats any help.

I think this should be the same thing as ripping a DVD, you just point to the folder where they are instead of the DVD drive. Mplayer can do it but I only know how to use it on Linux from the command line. The windows version should be easier with it’s graphical interface

Although i can’t help with your specific problem this might help you rule out some audio problems, it checks what codec’s are present on the video and audio and identifies if your system has them installed.

My advice would be to try and rip it again with different audio settings, although I’m not familiar with the program so i’m not sure what would help you.

On a wild chance, at least, try renaming to VTS_01_5.mpg (or anything with that extension.) That’s what I do with the DVD+RWs I burn from my PVR, and windows media player likes them fine at that point. So do a few video converters I use. (This is my favorite method so far of getting recent TV shows onto my Sansa view.)