Recreational drug called Naz?

Had a friend of one of my friends on facebook talking to yet someone else about some guy who went crazy writing about how much he loves a bunch of women on his friends list in very sloppy typing full of spelling errors and typos.

Watching the back and forth discussion some claimed he took too much “Naz” and it has him messed up and he just needs a few days to get sober and apologize for the drunken rambling messages.

I googled and it is no help, what exactly is Naz?

I’m going to take a guess it is clonazepam or cloNAZepam, but i really don’t know.

Well if his posts were full of typos, maybe Naz was a typo.

ETA: DataX might be right. It will make you sloppy.

prolly a typo… prolly meant Nazz.

:smack:Yes you’re probably right, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this thanks.

The intoxicated guy did not type it, it was one of his friends trying to explain his sudden love for all the women on his list.:slight_smile:

Klonopin, that is my guess like DataX said.

FWIW, ‘Klon’ or ‘lona’ sounds cooler.

I probably was half asleep but for whatever reason I was imagining some kind of new head shop drug, like Spice

Or Bath Salts or something heh.

Hehe, well if it makes you feel any better - my first guess was going to be ZANex (xanax) phonetically - spelled backwards, but that seemed a stretch :slight_smile:

Whatever it is, it’s gotta be some strong badass shit to make THAT happen! That’s some contact high there.

And clonazepam just might be the thing to do it. Guess how I know that. No, not from a contact high. Guess again.

“Naz” could be a mixture of “Yaz” and “Nyquil” - cures congestion, prevents pregnancy, unexplained high (though it sounds like a chick drug).