Recs for an encyclopedia of supernatural/mythological creatures?

I didn’t put “need answers fast!” in the subject line, but NaNoWriMo is coming up very soon…

What I’m looking for is a book (or website, if they’re more inclusive than ones I’ve found with just a few dozen entries) that covers supernatural and/or mythological creatures from around the globe: the sort that might have everything from Kitsune in Japan to Each Uisge in Scotland.

There are two caveats, however. 1. whatever it is should have lots of creatures in it - hundreds at least 2. please only recommend books you’ve actually read (I know lots of these books exist, I want to know which people liked)

Illustrations are a bonus, but a general description of legendary creatures is more important than what they look like. The descriptions do not need to be in-depth, just to serve as a jumping off point for research.

Have you looked at Wikipedia yet? List of Legendary Creatures is a rather large A-to-Z list that hyperlinks to descriptive pages of hundreds of creatures (including links for Kitsune and Each Uisge), and has links to other, more specialized wiki lists at the end (angels, cryptids, vampires, etc.). It’s more inclusive than any book I’ve used, which tend to focus on more subsets (Greek mythology, demons, whatever).

Encyclopedia Mythica is a good start.

And here’s another big one, although it focusses on Greek.

The Book of Imaginary Beings

It’s been awhile since I’ve read it, but Carol Rose’s Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins: An Encyclopedia is an old favorite of mine; very comprehensive. I don’t remember how well it covers the rest of the world (e.g. Asia, the Americas), but I’m pretty sure there were at least some. And Europe is very well covered.

It has illustrations, mostly old woodcuts and etchings and the like, and there’s a sequel/followup/companion book, as well: Giants, Monsters, and Dragons.

Take it from an obsessive information hoarder…these are great books, well worth your while. :smiley:

Thanks folks! These are exactly the sorts of books and sites I was looking for :smiley: