Recycling Books

I’m in the middle of a move and while cleaning out my basement came across a bunch of computer manuals from the '80s. Now, I’m pretty sure that my Windows 3.1 Programming or Inside Macintosh (which discusses the “new” Mac Plus) manuals are of pretty much no use to anyone. On the other hand, this is quite a few pounds of books (I have two or three boxes) and I feel a little bad about just tossing them in the dump.

Is there a way to recycle books or manuals? My garbage service picks up newspapers for recycling and there is a magazine recycling bin at a nearby school but neither of these seem to want to deal with the manuals. (I thought the magazine people would take them but I called and they said no. Something to do with the binding.) I’ve tried to do a web search but all I keep getting are hits for books about recycling. Any suggestions? (I’m in Atlanta if anyone knows of a specific place to take them.)

For that matter, anyone know what to do with an old Mac Plus?

Donate them to your local library. You’ll get a write-off and the library folks will pull what they can use and dispose of the rest.