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papa’s sf earthquake reminded me of this.“Somewhere” i read that many Moslems wanted to use Red Crescent instead of Red Cross The Int’l. Red Cross refused them affiliation and possibly threatened or carried out legal action for trade mark infringement. Am I hallucinating again? I mean as regards Red Crescent. Saw this morning the toll in Turkey is rising rapidly from 45,000 souls.

I’m prety sure that the Red Crescent is part of the International Red Cross. Likewise the Red Star (of David) in Israel.

mr john, you can find more information at They work together!

I got the drill before the plow again. AFTER I posted i did a search.The International Commitee of the Red Cross is the overseeing body they are affiliated with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Oddly enough the page of the IFRC&RC uses Red CROSS Movement to refer to itself more often than not and says SOME muslim countries call their societies Crescent. They mention almost in passing the Magen David Adom,(Red Star of David). I don’t know where they fit in. Probably not in the IFRC$RC. IFRC&MD ? I was typing this when strainger sent the link to the page I just left. My brain is on the friz again but I got a memory of some kinda flack, probably from someone univolved who was all upset that Red Cross,Red Crescent,and Magen David were all working side by side without tearing each other’s throats out. I am sure the Reds didn’t care what was on the armband of the person at the other end of the stretcher.

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I might draw the line at the Red Pentagram.

Lumpy, do I malign any ofyour affiliations?

Just being a wiseass…

Speaking of the Red Cross, Crescent, Star symbols – did Switzerland ever pitch a bitch about Red Cross’ (ss’s… see other thread.) blatant rip off of its flag? White cross, red background; red cross, white background.

The “ripoff” was to honor the organization’s founder, a Swiss citizen.


The Red Cross and Red Crescent are part of the same organization.

The organization has never accepted the Israeli “Red Star-of-David”. Not sure why. Most Jews attribute it to Swiss anti-Semitism (and I have no reason to disbelieve this, but I take persecution complexes with a grain of salt). It might also be a legacy of the Arab boycott of Israel that has never been corrected.

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The latest flap I heard was that someone had the bright idea to pitch the red cross on the basis that it was a religious symbol, to which my considered, neo-Pagan answer is “oh, puh-lease”.

AH HA! cm that’s the flak I was remembering! And all that reading about it didn’t connect.Aint it funny how the human brain can store something and then through association spew it out all bass ackwards? Oh, sorry,I meant MY brain, i don’t have any knowledge of the human brain.
That’s better Lumpy you watch it or I’ll have some of my co-members of the ICRP put a spell on you.mmm American Association of the Red Pentagram, AARP !

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Well, bibbidy bobbidy boo to you too!!

Fortunately, I have not one but two lines of defense:
First, I am a Christian, and believe that Jesus would protect me from supernatural forces.
Second, if somehow despite that I woke up and found that I’d been given a donkey’s head, I could call my Wiccan sister in Massechucetts and ask her to feed some catnip to a goat or something…