Red Dawn & Invasion USA

Ah the 80s was truly a golden age for war and spy movies.
You forgot the little seen miniseries Amerika.
There were also bunch of World War III made for TV films. **The Day After **and **By Dawns Early Light **(also staring Powers Booth) come to mind.

Sure, the Soviet and Cuban invasion of the United States was a bit far fetched. Especially in historical hindsight. So what? If I want to watch “possible” shit I’ll turn on the news. And yes, parts of the movie are a bit melodramatic and over the top. It’s still a fun and entertaining film nevertheless.

Ironically, in light of 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks, Invasion USA is a lot more plausible than Red Dawn. Although the theme was pretty much already covered in The Seige, True Lies, Traitor, Body of Lies, and perhaps a hundred other spy films.
I wouldn’t mind a remake of Red Dawn but as a 1980s period piece. Not a modernized version based on current political events. The original was very much a product of 1980s Cold War thinking. In 1984, armed conflict with the Soviet Union seemed like a real possibility. We live in a world now where the main threat comes from terrorism.

Why wouldn’t the US as it currently exists survive?

Except that Red Dawn itself was just a remake of the European Resistances (choose your country) moved to America, with the Soviets playing the role of the Nazis. Like V was, but used Aliens instead of Nazis.

Honestly this thing could fly if North Koreans were used. In conjunction with Iranians. Now that would be absolute wankery, but judging by some of the posting here, it strikes a nerve and would fulfill many fantasies.

Which was colossally stupid when you think about it for a moment.


There’s an FPS about just that coming out in 2011 called Homefront.

Have them raiding for women. They have an overabundance of bachelors and the U.S. has adopted lots of baby girls from China. That could be a very funny satire.

A better* Invasion USA* from 1952:

It was on a Mystery Science Theater 3000, though it was cut and one of my favorite scenes was missing. Washington, DC; US Army checkpoint with sandbags and machine guns & two or three soldiers. One of the soldiers looks down the street and see troops in US uniforms marching up. Soldier says "hey, that’s the 87th from Illinois. Second soldier to marching troops: “hey guys, how are the cubs doing this year?” Soldier from first rank of the marching troops: “Do not understand. Cub is small bear, no?”

Followed by Congress members being burp-gunned in their chamber.