Red Dead Redemption 2 - my thoughts while I play

I just did this one. I had the double barrel from the O’Driscoll cabin but it was on me before I could fire! Stabbed it with my knife a few times then gave it both barrels. Taking the pelt to the trapper now.

The other night, I had recently unlocked the coach fence and was returning to camp when I came across some fool standing right in the middle of a road. Then there was talk about opening a strongbox. Stagecoach robbery!

Dismounted, used a tree for cover, and took out the fool with a headshot from my scoped varmint rifle. His partner was soon dead as well. I barely even saw their victim, he took off running at some point after the partner came toward me. One stage free for the taking! Boarded, tossed out the driver, and drove to the fence with no problem.

Ah, yes. The Hugh Glass scenario.

Glass and the rest of the Ashley Party eventually returned to Fort Kiowa to regroup for the trip west. Andrew Henry, Ashley’s partner, had joined the group, and he along with Glass and several others set out overland to the Yellowstone River. Near the forks of the Grand River, near present-day Shadehill Reservoir, Perkins County, South Dakota, while scouting for game for the expedition larder, Glass surprised and disturbed a grizzly bear with two cubs. The bear charged, picked him up, bit and lacerated his flesh, severely wounded him, and forced him to the ground. Glass nevertheless managed to kill the bear with help from his trapping party, but was left badly mauled. The men were convinced Glass would not survive his injuries; nevertheless, they carried Glass on a litter for two days, but doing so greatly slowed the pace of the group’s travel.[12]

Henry asked for two volunteers to stay with Glass until he died and then bury him. John S. Fitzgerald and a man later identified as “Bridges” stepped forward, and as the rest of the party moved on, began digging his grave.[13][14] Later, claiming that they were interrupted by attacking Arikara, the pair grabbed the rifle, knife, and other equipment belonging to Glass and took flight. Fitzgerald and “Bridges” later caught up with the party and incorrectly reported to Ashley that Glass had died. There is a debate whether Bridges was actually famed mountain man Jim Bridger.[15]

Despite his injuries Glass regained consciousness, but found himself abandoned without weapons or equipment. He had festering wounds, a broken leg, and deep cuts on his back that exposed his bare ribs. Glass lay mutilated and alone, more than 200 miles (320 km) from the nearest American settlement at Fort Kiowa, on the Missouri River. Glass set the bone of his own leg, wrapped himself in the bear hide his companions had placed over him as a shroud, and began crawling back to Fort Kiowa. To prevent gangrene, Glass allowed maggots to eat the dead infected flesh in his wounds.

Using Thunder Butte as a navigational landmark, Glass crawled overland south toward the Cheyenne River where he fashioned a crude raft and floated downstream to Fort Kiowa. The journey took him six weeks. He survived mostly on wild berries and roots

Decided to be a hobo for a bit. Stabled my horse and hopped a freight train.