Red Dwarf...

Does anybody know if this series will be revived?

Yes, they’re making a couple of Christmas episodes this year.

…As they’ve claimed every other year for the last decade.

I admit, the rumors seem a little more substantial this time around, but I’m still not getting my hopes up. Actually, I haven’t heard anything about Christmas specials, but I did hear something about a straight-to-DVD release next year.

I say leave it alone. It’s been too long. The seven series were wonderful and any revival would not be the same IMO

They’re being made for Dave. I would consider an announcement by Grant Naylor Productions to be pretty decisive.


There were 8.

There would have been more if Doug Naylor hadn’t become obsessed with making a film version (and being taken in by a conman in the process).

Okay, 8. But I still say leave the series alone. No movies, no revival. Nothing. It has been too long and I fear any attempt to bring it back would fall flat. Just relive the past with the dvds.

The last few series were shit, when they got a decent budget they lost the humour and heart in my not very humble opinion. I’ve watched the earlier series on one of the digital channels there of late and they still are hilarious.

Yeah but Grant Naylor productions are also the people who’ve been talking about the movie since Series 7, including that they had been doing script read throughs.

I’ll believe the smeggers when I see it :slight_smile:

I just saw the whole series and it turned to smeg when they “lost” Red Dwarf.
Then it got smegier when Rimmer left and Kochinski showed up.
The smegness increased with the crew being rebuilt, but it did get better when they went to the brig.
The US version pilot was smegging smeg.

I do not have high hopes

I shouldn’t have read this thread, now I have a craving for curry. Or maybe a triple fried egg chili chutney sandwich.

And I’m picturing the Cat’s musical number “tongue tied”