Red Mold?

I am familiar with the horror stories surrounding black mold. Fortunately I don’t have any of that in my house. I have a few areas with some black build up. But there seems to be a logical explanation. For example, on my kitchen sink I have some old coffee stains that won’t go away. And more importantly, I haven’t got sick yet.

But then there is red mold. It seems to collect places in my house quite easily. If I leave dishes in the dish pan too long, for example, some red mold may suddenly grow on it. But it doesn’t seem to make me sick, in the rare instances I have come into contact with. Or so I assume, you realize.

Questions: [ul]
[li]What is red mold?[/li][li]Have any of any of you encountered it, in your house, etc.? And what are your experiences with it?[/li][li]And most importantly, Is it dangerous?[/li][/ul]

Thank you all in advance for you kindly suggestions:).


Probably a bacteria.

Are you talking about the pink-ish film that accumulates on plastic shower curtains after awhile? I get that and either wash the shower curtain with some towels or better yet just get a new shower curtain! I assume that’s some kind of mildew. I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Probably Serratia maracescens. It’s not invariably bad, but can be the source of opportunistic infections so is best eliminated.

I’ve seen it around the drain in the tub and sink in one bathroom. Just a very thin pinkish film where the water takes a while to evaporate. According to what I found out, it is air borne. I would just spray with some bathroom cleanser and it would go away for a day or two.

After several months of this it just stopped.