Red vs. Blue season 2 (unboxed spoilers)

Well the 2nd season of “Red Vs Blue” is over… While I didn’t think it was as consistently funny as the first season, I thought it was still one of the funniest, most creatively written shows out there. The characters have actually developed a little bit, and introducing a neutral purple character made for some fun situations.

Some of my favorite bits:

The “Greatest Surrender of All Time”

Church: What do we get?
Simmons: What? You’re surrendering! You don’t get anything except humiliation and ridicule!
Tucker: We already have that! What else do you got?

Getting to see the inner workings of Caboose’s mind. We see tucker as an idiot whose only concern is food and finding women, the Reds are all devastatingly afraid of him (and Donut is female because of his pink armor) as well as an extremely foul-mouthed representation of Church who jealously guards his position as Caboose’s sidekick and best friend.

Doc’s early interactions with both teams, bewildered that everybody in the canyon seems to be insane. I especially liked his attempt to distance himself from Grif. “It’s obvious that you’re really unpopular here, and if I’m going to make any progress I can’t be associated with you. … No offense. … Stop staring at me.”

Robot # 2’s codeword: Dirtbag, and Grif’s attempt to use it on someone else. Bee-boo-EEP! SMACK OUCH!

The numerous references to the switch on Church’s robot body. [CABOOSE] It’s not very big! [/CABOOSE]

Double-O Donut and his license to thrill! Or be thrilled…

The love triangle between Caboose, Sheila and Lopez… Especially after Tex possessed Lopez. “Wait a minute! I thought your name was Lopez, and Lopez was a man! I’m so confused… My circuits feel crossed… And I LIKE it!”

The final episode ended on a high note, with the two teams getting mixed up and split up as they go through a sabotaged teleporter. I liked the combination of Sarge and Caboose (insane paired with idiot) and Grif with Church (smart ass with smart ass) … Poor Simmons is all by himself, but the one I feel most sorry for is Donut, who was left alone at the base with Sheila so neither side would be able to take over the canyon. To make matters worse, Tex shows up at the end and recognizes Donut as was the one who killed her… And the fact that Sheila pointed her gun at Donut might mean that she just realized he took her out at the same time. Things don’t look good for our man in the Lightish Red armor!

I’m not sure what the deal will be with Vic playing commander for both sides. Is there no “Red Vs. Blue”? Is it a conspiracy to get rid of all the worst soldiers? Is it a way for some evil military-industrial complex to make money by creating a war? Or is Vic just some guy trying to play both sides? I’m looking forward to season 3. Anybody else still following this?

Of course. And if you want funny, you need to watch the NYC “Wild, Wild Web” video that was released on the site a few days ago. A lot of the jokes are ones that anyone with a grounding in the worst side of the internet will probably already know, but the RvB way just makes it so much better.

Plus, it was good to see a visual enactment of The BBQ Pit. :smiley: