Red Wedding Ideas

I just looked up “Red Wedding” on the internet, and a wedding site called The Knot* has a page with “Red Wedding Ideas”. They clearly don’t mean anything connected with a Song of Fire and Ice.

I wonder if anyone’s clued them in yet?

What ideas could this group suggest for a Game of Thrones Red Wedding?
–Bloody Mary cocktails

–A lot of those little plastic sword things for hors d’ouevres

–Each guest’s dinner knife is an ornate dagger

–Cut-throat salmon entree

Not relevant at all but traditional Chinese Weddings is completely decked out in red - dress, decorations, foods, money envelopes… errthing.

A sign saying “Might want to hold on to your gift til after the reception”.

Chain mail veil.

Will the marriage be a theme-marriage, too?

Jugged heir?