red, white, and blue

What does red, white, and blue on our
American Flag really stand for?

IIRC the red indicates the blood spilled by the patriots and white indicates the purity of our intent. Don’t know about the blue.

IIRC, the Stars 'n Stripes takes it color cues from the French tricolor: Red - blood of patriots, white - purity, Blue - bravery/honor/valour, etc.

'Course a more modern assessment could be:
Red - bureaucratic red tape
White - a country founded by a bunch of uptight white puritans
Blue - the color of said puritans testes from lack of liberal excercise.

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mikNY, check out this link . Basically, the colors on the flag don’t officially have any meaning, but the colors on the seal do.

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Oooh… beat me to it.

And Strainger’s right, about the Seal having the symbolism and not the flag.

Mea culpa

Nope. Stars and Stripes 1776-77. French Republic Tri-color 1789.

If Old Glory’s colors were inspired by any flag, it would be the Union Jack. In fact, a flag with Betsy’s stripes, and the Union Jack in place of the stars, predates her flag.

Thanks, PB - I don’t know what I was thinking.

It’s been a long time since French class; maybe they took the color cues from the US? Sounds likely for a bunch of snivelling snooties who had to be saved in WWII: “S’il vous plait, monsieur Nazi man; would you care for some wine? Would you care for my wife?”

Speaking from a position of neutrality as an Englishman, I am in no doubt whatsoever that the French copied the colours of their flag from the Union Jack. No doubt at all. :slight_smile:

Don’t the colors on the French flag symbolize liberty, equality and brotherhood? Don’t any of you people watch Kieslowski films?