Redhead Crush

I find redheads extremely attractive. Always have. I’m not sure why. Maybe because redheads are unique… The color of their hair is striking, they usually have blue eyes and pale skin. The combination makes looking at them – for me – breathtaking. The feeling I get is the same one I get when I see a very attractive man… Mel Gibson, for example, can give me the same feeling. He has those piercing eyes, he’s confident and flirtatious; in a word, magnetic. Redheads, as a group, are especially magnetic to me. I’m talking about my initial gut reaction to seeing a redhead; when I was single, a redhead did not a boyfriend make. And I did not marry a redhead. My husband knows about this inclination of mine and is not threatened.

My first real crush was on my cousin Jeff. He’s ten years older than me, tall, blue-eyed and redheaded. He, his sister and brother were the cool cousins. We didn’t grow up near them so visiting was always a treat. Jeff teased me good-naturedly and was so kind… I was a late bloomer, unused to boys treating me nicely; his politeness deepened my crush! Even now that he’s in his forties, married with three children and I’m in my thirties, he teases me about my childhood crush.

In seventh grade, I had a crush on a redhead named Bill. He was two years ahead of me and on the wrestling team. Remembering him now – twenty years later – I see him walking down the hall at school in his letter jacket and shoulder-length mullet… It makes my knees weak!

Celebrity redheads I love: Eric Stoltz and Damian Lewis (he played Captain Winters in HBO’s Band of Brothers series). Eric Stoltz was so gorgeous in the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. Damian Lewis is British. A redheaded man with a sexy accent… Rrrowww. I know there are more striking celebrity redheads but I’ll be darned if I can think of more. (I tried googling but “redhead celebrity men” came up with pornographic sites; I’m at work.)

Haven’t even checked the Internet for a redhead fetish site; I will bet there are many.

I’ve always known about my penchant for redheads. I never thought about where it originated until this week. Visiting some former co-workers, I noticed a bobblehead Archie on someone’s desk. Suddenly I remembered. I had a crush on Archie! I think it all started with him.

Any other fans of redheads out there?

My significant other is a red- head. As I’ve told him more than once, I never knew the man of my dreams was going to be a red head. His reply? No one ever does.

My first crush, in the 9th grade, was on a girl named Amy. Her hair was such a dazzling shade of red it was closer to orange! You could spot her in a crowd anywhere.

Unfortunately I never actually talked to her, because I was at the absolute bottom of the pecking order in high school and someone in that position doesn’t talk to members of the opposite sex. (Or anyone, really, except for teachers.)

Charlie Brown???


My first love and my first sex was a natural redhead. Natural redhead women with pale skin still make me weak in the knees.

You should come over here, then. There’s thaaaasands of em.

The woman I’m still chasing is my best friend, and she’s an auburn red head. Maybe one day…

I’ve always loved red heads, I’ve gone out with probably 3 in my 19 years of life.

I have always had a thing for redheads, especially those with green eyes, freckles, and fiery dispositions. Sadly for me, I only dated one such person when I was an eligible bachelor and our relationship didn’t work out. I’ve since been married to my perfectly wonderful wife (who’s more of a dirty-blond/light brunette) for going on 19 years and can only gaze admiringly as the beautiful redheads pass by. So, yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. Of course, my wife has been known to dye her hair red on occasion - just to give me a thrill! :smiley: As I said, she is a wonderful woman.


Grand bull moose winner of the Two Sentences not commonly used together these days competition…

Well, let’s see: this site (work-safe) lists Seth Green, Rupert Grint, Ron Howard, Danny Kaye, Ewan MacGregor, Robert Redford and Eric Stoltz as redheads. And that’s just from the list of movie stars…

C’mon Ethilrist… Mullets were once haute couture!

Seth Green - Yes. He’s probably shorter than me, but he’s cute.
Ron Howard - During Happy Days, yes.
Ewan MacGregor - ?? Never noticed redness in that head of his, but he’s still attractive.
Robert Redford - He’s a blond!
Rupert Grint - When I was younger, probably. He’s a little kid!
Danny Kaye - No, no and no. Dork-o-rama!

Oh man… a redhead with an Irish accent!?!

My legs feel like jelly just thinking about all the gorgeous men. I better stay away from Ireland; sounds like a huge threat to my marriage.


Being a redheaded woman, I’ve always sort of looked at redheaded men as looking sorta - icky? Oogy? I dunno. I dated exactly two, and neither of them could hold my interest for more than a few weeks.

I wonder if blondes and brunettes look at their male counterparts the same way. I’ve never heard of it.

Wow, Gazelle. I never knew there were women like you. I never met any, anyway. In my experience, most women don’t find redheaded men attractive, preferring the “tall, dark and handsome” types. Well, I’m tall and not unhandsome, but that didn’t mean that two for three wasn’t bad.

An oh, yeah, I’m surprised noone’s brought up the “carpet/drapes” thing…:wink:

I have Auburn hair, and let me tell you, it’s true what they say. It’s unbelievable.

I love redheaded women. Natural redheads, though, not the fake ones.

So are you redheaded or what?

Ginger, I’ve had other women tell me the same thing about redheaded men, that they have the exact opposite effect on them.

Don’t get me wrong, there are unattractive redheaded men out there. Howdy Doody and Danny Kaye, for example.

Maybe this will help you recover from your delusion.

Yikes! If I open that link, am I gonna find a picture of Carrot Top? :wink:

David Simmons, wisdom is also attractive. So are patriotism and doing your duty.

I thought everyone had a secret crush on all redheads. I know I do.

Gazelle From Hell asked:

Yes. No mullet, though