Redheads on West Wing?

I recently discovered WW and am totally hooked. I have just started season 3, so please don’t spoil anything for me!

But one observation about the series: aren’t there a heck of a lot of redhead women?

Sorry for not knowing all the names

Zoe Bartlet
Ellie Bartlet
Mallory McGarry
the woman who came with the campaign strategy team in season 3
and I’m sure I have seen other minor characters who fit the bill as well.

So what’s up with this? Does the casting director have a redhead fetish? Is there something particularly political about being gingerhaired?

Maybe they should start calling the show Rust Wing!

I’m guessing the fetish is Sorkin’s.

Let’s not forget (the Sorkin standin) Danny Rydell of Sports Night (as opposed to Danny Concannon of West Wing or Danny Tripp of Studio 60) having his infatuation with the redheaded Rebecca as the woman of his dreams (I myself was a little crushed when she came back briefly at the end of the show’s run with her hair changed to blonde).

You say this like it’s a bad thing… :wink:

Let us not forget Kathleen York as “Congresswoman Wyatt” (Toby’s ex-wife and baby’s mama).