Redneck is a racist term

Why is it allowed,while other ethnic slurs aren’t?

Whitey isn’t allowed?

White Trash?

Come to think of it, can’t other races be redneck? Or is Getto racist too? Urbane?

I get confused easily.

Is Blackie allowed? Darkie?

Can other races be niggers? Sure they can…but say the word nigger or redneck,what comes to mind?

Redneck is not necessarily racist, though it certainly can be. It can also be classist. In San Diego, I don’t think there’s any race that couldn’t be called redneck. That is certainly not the case elsewhere. It is broadly synonymous here with “East County,” but I’m not sure what the racial divide would be, if any, between coastal / urban and rural / inland.

Since the term was invented primarily by white people, to describe other white people, I’m not really seeing the racism in it.

Come on. Redneck always refers to white people, specifically those who drink canned beer, drive in pickup trunks, enjoy NASCAR, etc., etc.

To say it can be used to describe other races is disingenuous and misses the point.

But what about non-whites using it?

Indeed: it means, “not only do they like things I typically associate with lower classes, but they’re WHITE!” The fact that the redneck is white is integral to the contempt.

Or not.

Slurs like white trash were discussed in this thread about a month ago. Ed Zotti notes that SDMB policy echoes U.S. antidiscrimination laws, and “white trash” and "redneck " do not appear to be included as hate speech.


Oh thank god. I was offended for no reason. Phew!

OK, they’re in the main white, but there are certainly black rednecks, Asian rednecks, Hispanic rednecks out there. It’s a culture not a race.

There are no white niggers (however hard Norman Mailer wished).

Thus the latter is a racist term, the former isn’t.

Then what are “wiggers?”

See post 6

A white person who wishes he was black. That’s different.

Might wanna take a look at the whole thread.

Regardless of who uses it, the term itself is not inherently racist. It can be used in a racist manner, of course, but any term can, depending on the context. If I say, “I don’t trust that Jew,” I’m pretty clearly using “Jew” as a racist epithet, even though the word itself is non-offensive. Similarly, someone could use the word “redneck” in a way that makes it clear they’re disparaging all white people. But the term itself is clearly a class-based insult, not a race-based insult.

This would seem to answer your OP, but if you have a different reading, let me know.

Wrong. Do a search on this message board. It is CLEARLY used as a racist term.

‘Redneck’ does not refer to the entire white race.

St. Thomas Aquinas, for example, was not a redneck. Alfred Hitchcock was not a redneck. The Smothers Brothers are not rednecks. Karl Gauss was not a redneck. John F. Kennedy was not a redneck. Emily Post was not a redneck. Al Gore is not a redneck. Leonardo da Vinci? Not a redneck. Stephen Hawking. Douglas Adams. Gloria Vanderbilt. Vincent Price. Catherine of Aragon. Thomas Jefferson. Beatrix Potter. Franz Liszt. Rachel Carson. Bill Gates. Jane Goodall. Fred Rogers. Barbara Stanwyck. Loren Eisley. David Attenborough. Carl Sandburg. Richard Nixon. Erwin Rommel. Walter Cronkite.