Redressing anti-Rebuplican bias

Over the two weeks of my guest membership it has become clear to me that the Republicans on this board are being discriminated against. I feel I cannot allow this unfortunate state of affairs to continue. I feel they should go out and get a good screw like the rest of us, so to help them in their endeavers I have found this site where they can meet like-minded people and hopefully find a new and rewarding interest for themselves.

Don’t encourage 'em to breed, dammit…

… next thing we know there’ll be 1000s of them all over the shop, and then we’ll be properly buggered.

Do you mean they are simply in the minority, or do you really mean discrimination, which I take to mean that rules are being unfairly applied to them (or unfairly unapplaid to non-Republicans)?

This will go well.

What’s a Rebuplican?

A cross between an Airdale & a Circus Freak, utterly lacking the more endearing qualities of either.

If attacked by one, administer a cold steel enema, then mocking.

One who buplicates repeatedly.

Wait…I thought they were the ones against buggering. So it’s unlikely they’d know how to do it properly.

“There are 0 registered users and 7 guests online”

Ah, ha hahaha HAHA! (…gasp,choke…) Ah HAHAHAHA!

Stop, you’re killing me here!

It takes a lot for me to laugh out loud. Or in this case, very little. Perfect.


By the time I got there, there was 1 registered user. Sam, aren’t you already married?

Try as I might, I couldn’t get it to tell me who was online. At least, it indicated that there were no English speaking men or women between the ages of 18 and 80 from the United States. Where are all the Hannidaters?

This ribaldry is definitely MPSIMS material.

Off it goes.


“The Dementors are breeding”

-Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince.

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Attention: Moderators/Admins

My above remarks were posted when this thread was in the BBQ Pit.
I have not willingly violated any Board rules.

Willing or not, you’ve comitted an absolutely VISCIOUS slander against Rebublicans in MPSIMS. I hope to see you banned and flogged for this Sir, BANNED AND FLOGGED!!!

Actually, I have been on the “In Trouble” List on the SDMB for quite some time. :frowning:

(Short Shameful Confession)

I dated a Rebuplican for 2 years. Sure enough, we broke it off when she said I had no ambition and wouldn’t go to bed with me.

I googlestalked her awhile ago and she’s teaching school in the midwest and still using her maiden name at age 35. So hmmmm.

Well, then, lay off the poor Rebuplicans. :slight_smile:

Nice one. :smiley:

I too dated a Republican and she’s still my best friend. We just avoid certain topics now. Then again the post-argument make-out sessions were awesome.

My sister is rabidly Republican. I’m not.