Reebok signs three-year-old to shoe deal

At what point is enough enough?

Sometimes profit-seeking behavior can be so…distasteful. When have we gone too far with the brand(-name)ing of society?

Hey, you can blame the corporation, but don’t blame the kid or his family yet.

You want to put a stop to these kinds of antics from Reebok? Don’t ever buy any of their products.

So a little boy is gonna get rich for being in some Reebok ads?

Sounds like good work to me, as long as the family is not really exploiting him.

With all the bad shit going on in the world, I think politically minded people should concentrate on the things that really matter - not 3 year olds selling runners. This is a non-event.

AFAIAC, it’s exploitation, even if we’d all like to be ‘exploited’ like that. It’s still part and parcel of the reality that, to the corporate world, kids are just another set of pawns to advertise to, to sell to, to manipulate to get their parents to buy stuff, even to get addicted on drugs that are legal for adults but not for kids.

I’m against adult exploitation of kids in general. That this is ‘nice’ exploitation doesn’t change my attitude.

This individual instance may be a non-event. But the general willingness of the corporate world to exploit children isn’t.

Hopefully this kid won’t turn out to be a good athlete in 14-15 years. The NCAA would probably not allow him to compete.

As to the ad, it’s just another “Cute kid” ad. The only problem is that thousands of other parents are now going to try to jump on it too.

I have to agree with you ** RTFirefly**. This is the non-event side of a pretty ugly coin.

Let’s just not buy any reebok.

It’s disgusting. What kind of greedy, scummy parents would whore their child out this way? I hope this kid’s money goes into an account somewhere where the parents can’t get their hands on it. I also hope this kid loses interest in basketball and ends up being an accountant or something (he can already count to 18, that’s pretty impressive for a three-year-old). I hope the parents never make a dime off this kid.

Oh … just about every parent of a child star or potential child star. Parents putting their tykes in front of movie and TV cameras isn’t anything new.