Refinery explosion

This is not a rant. I’d rather it didn’t wind up in The Pit. This is just an observation – “my humble opinion”, if you will – that the oil companies are urinating on our shoes and telling us it’s raining.

There was a refinery explosion yesterday. Interestingly, the freeway was moving better than usual. But what stikes me as strange is this: Every year, the oil companies cite “low supplies” and jack up the price of gasoline. And refinery explosions seem to happen more frequently than they used to. How convenient. (I’m sure the refineries have insurance and anything that blows up will be replaced with newer, better equipment.)

The oil companies have been making gasoline for a long time. What? A hundred years or so? Surely by now they must have figured out the times of the year when demand increases. Yet they seem surprised that supplies dwindle and they are “forced” to raise prices. Surely they can increase production when demand is low, so that consumers don’t have to pay so much when demand is higher?

I’m happy to see the new hybrid cars. I see more of them and more electric-only cars on the road all the time. I can’t wait for fuel cell technology to become cheap enough to be practical. By raising prices on the slimmest of reasons, Big Oil may well be digging its own grave.

In My Humble Opinion.

I could see the smoke from the fire from my front lawn yesterday.

Still, I have to argue that I doubt that the oil company would deliberately blow up a part of their refinery–it just doesn’t make sense to put employees, public service, and the general public into danger to drive up prices and get a few new pieces of equipment. Not to mention, the fact that their productivity is going to be down until everything is running at 100% again.

I’m sure they’re going to use this as an excuse to raise prices (the gas station on the corner just raised their price this afternoon another five cents). The whole supply/demand thing is how big business is run, and how they make their profits (oh, why couldn’t I have been born an oil heiress? :))

I’m happy to see the hybrids coming out, too. My SO and I are planning on buying one, since his car is on its last legs, and we think that it really is the next logical step.

That was fnord just me being cynical. :wink: I was listening to KCRW this morning. The refinery owner (Toxic-something) says that production will not be affected; but prices were up seven cents per gallon overnight because buyers are worried that production will be affected.

See ya at the party tonight! :slight_smile:

Headline of today’s Long Beach Press Telegram:

Refinery fire sparks gas hike

Average gas hike? 13 cents a gallon.

'scuse me while I bend over for the oil companies, yet again…

It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. The oil companies control the supply, so they can demand any damn price they want!
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