- Chicago's Hottest 30 under 30

Anyone know anything about this website? I know one of the people featured, FWLIW:

Reported for Spam!!!


I wonder what SDSAB means

I actually did report, as I saw a thread with the same OP (poster and post) in another forum. Spammers can sometimes get a hold of existing accounts…

I’m closing the thread and disabling the link, pending investigation.

ADDENDUM: This is OK, Elendil’s Heir’s niece is one of the etc. so he posted in two forums. I’ve re-opened and restored the links.

Many thanks, and sorry for the confusion.

Coolio. So, what are we supposed to do, guess? I think I’ll go with number 28, based entirely on a little bit of resemblance.

And if we go with the classical definition of hot, I’d say #23 is the winner.

(I hope I picked the right thread to post in).

No, no, no. I just was wondering if the website is particularly well-known/reputable etc. In other words, is this something about which my acquaintance should be esp. pleased?

Of course it is, a little advertisement and attention is better than none. I’m not sure what the websites fan base size is nor do I know who they are affiliated with but it is set up nicely so it will attract people. If it will help your relative to bigger and better things, I don’t know… Who is your relative anyway?

My niece. Not sure I should be any more specific than that.

I’m not sure either… How did the website find your relative?

Dunno exactly. She’s made a bit of a splash in Chicago, from what little I hear at this distance.