Reformulations of Successful Products For No Apparent Reason Whatsoever

I have an opposite story. Red Baron must have changed their sauce and it’s much better. Their old sauce used to give me incredible heartburn.

“Moxie”-that vile, horrible soft drink was reformulated a few years ago (to make it less bitter). Still tastes like roofing tar mixed with listerine.

To OP: can’t help explain why they changed Pine-Sol, but if you’ve never heard of it, track down a bottle of Doctor Bronner’s Sal-Suds. It’s available at hippie / green / organic / overpriced stores. Super-concentrated, comes in a quart bottle, works great, and smells even better. It’s still made with pine oil, but it uses pine needle oil instead of pine stump oil. More “pine”-y, less “chemical”-y. Love the stuff.

If you don’t know already, look for Magner’s. It’s an Irish cider (sold as Bulmer’s in Ireland) and tastes very, very close to Strongbow.

Campbell’s Chicken and Rice soup seems awfully bland to me now. I put other things, vegetables, garlic, soy sauce, to give it some taste.

Many perfumes have been reformulated over the past years. The ingredients have been deemed toxic or there simply is no more (sandalwood). Companies are sold to other companies. Whoever gets, say, Coty Emeraude, makes their own, cheaper version.

I love Wendy’s fries. They’re one of my go-to foods if I’m not feeling well.

Chef Boyardee canned ravioli – Had one of these for the first time in ages the other day and the sauce is just weird now. Very spicy, believe it or not, and nothing like the beef-flavored sauce they used to use.

Sam Adams Winter Lager – this could be a this-year’s-batch problem, but it tastes nothing like it used to. Used to be a smooth brown lager with a hint of winter spices. Now it’s like they amped up the ginger and hopps to the extreme and there is nothing smooth about it.

A lot of Christmas / Holiday / Winter beers are annual one-off recipes, so if Sam Adams follows that bandwagon, that may explain it.

Maybe you bought a can of the Extra Spicy flavor by mistake?