Refrigerator Compressor Heat

Is it hot enough to melt the cord that comes with the appliance, or let’s say, ignite paper or something that may have fallen behind said refrigerator? Thanks in advance, this site has been proving to be a bastion of hope for questions and answers I cannot find elsewhere…

Compressors have thermal cut-off switches to prevent them from catastrophically overheating (generally in the event of a locked rotor).

One with poor air current around could get hot enough to burn you. But not paper or other things.

Do all refrigerator compressors have a thermal switch? is it a requirement for manufacturers? Just curious. Thank you for the input guys! I love it here, succinct answers that put some of my rather irrational worries to rest!

How many decades old is this fridge? What brand? What country do you live in?

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If the thermal protector failed to open the circuit, the motor insulation would fail and cause the breaker to trip long before the temps reached anything near 451°F.

I live in the U.S. (Chicago), The refrigerator is a Magic Chef 4.5 CU/F Compact Refrigerator, Got it about 6 years ago. Run’s fine, no funny noises or anything. I was just curious if paper or a napkin or anything like that could catch on fire with continued contact with the compressor, if it had fell behind. I watched the fridge click on and off too, no discernable sparks, wobble, etc. its in Great shape.

Thanks for the input guys.