Regarding Lynn Bodoni

I got a quick query:

What does Lynn Bodoni do?

I mean, what the hell does she moderate in the Pit?

Honest answer:

You’d be amazed at the number of times someone tries to set up an innocent question, or maybe just start a chat about Mindless, Pointless stuff, and accidentally does it in The Pit. While it’s possible to get a question answered factually and correctly in The Pit, you’ll usually get a lot of asides about goat felching and mother fucking. And don’t even think about the horrors bestowed upon someone who accidentally tries to celebrate their birthday down here.

Lynn comes in and sends these wayward threads back towards civilization; she also trims double-posts and double-threads, closes threads at the OPer’s request, and keeps an eye out for people blatantly breaking the rules (spammers, sock puppets, etc.)

Nasty answer:

This place is moderate. You should see how we’d go after each other if Lynn wasn’t around to keep us in check. Ass-licker.

This is much more appropriate in ATMB, I think.

Lynn cleans up threads, deleting multiposts and character strings that are long enough to cause a screen wrap.

Lynn maintains the policies of the SDMB, making sure there are no excessive linkages to other sites, bandwidth theft, copyright violation, or spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Lovel–

Lynn also keeps the peace. The BBQ Pit is not a free-for-all. She’s had to remove personal email addresses, IRL names, etc.

True, by and large, she has less of that to do than the other mods. But less sure doesn’t equal none.

Oh, by the way, John…Happy birthday!

John Corrado wrote:

John! You promised not to tell! Now everyone will want some!

John Corrado has it about right. Mostly I clean up stuff. I think that the task I do most is to move a thread from here to a more appropriate forum…if I find it before the language has deteriorated.

I also keep a watch out for trolls and jerks, because they gravitate to the Pit.

I can moderate ANY forum in The Straight Dope, that’s why I’m an administrator. If someone takes a leave of absence, I’ll help keep watch over that forum with the other admins.

I’m also happy to take excess chocolate off your hands.


Impartial Moderator or Tyrannical Despot–only historians will know for sure.

I would think that the pit is harder to moderate than any other forum. Since there is a greater range of “acceptable” behavior here, there must be a huge gray area between general pit-worthy nastiness and true jerk-ness.

Also, as Lynn said, the trolls and the sock puppets gravitate here. So do the people who like to play with the trolls and the sock-puppets.

It probably takes a pretty deft touch sometimes to figure out who is a true troll, who is a clever sock-puppet, who is a non-troll idiot or juvenile, and who is just kidding. Especially when the board gets all fatootzed like it did in the software changeover.

I think that the recent round of bannings (tshirts, etc.) prove that she keeps a pretty close watch on what goes on around here.

Lynn is like an overworked daycare employee. She’s gotta put up with whiners, smart alecks, foul mouthed brats, bullies, thin-skinned wimps, clueless wonders, tattlers, and the chicken littles who venture into “the Pit.”

Oh yeah, and with no pay.

If it weren’t for people like me, the daisies among the cow pies, I daresay she’d have run screaming out of here a loooong time ago. :slight_smile: