Regarding monkey brains, faces of death and todays question

I had heard of the practice of restraining and partaking of the living monkey brain long ago. Someone I knew in junior high or high school described in exact detail the same detail given in cecils column. Restraining the monkey in a type of head clamp in the middle of a round table with a hole in the middle for the monkey head to stick out. He mentioned the chisels and eating of the live brain with spoons by people at the table. I don’t recall the shaving of the cranium though I suppose thats not the important part anyway.

He said he saw it in a “Faces of Death” video. I have done my part to avoid seeing those videos at all cost, so I’m asking you. Has anyone else seen this on video? Cecil claims there hasn’t been proof of it happening, this would seem to be proof.

Plus we could force Cecil to watch it and report. :smiley:

Well shit nevermind… it occured to me after posting that maybe I should have put this in “comments on cecils columns” that I thought well hell… maybe I should have at least CHECKED it.

Its there… same freakin topic. color me embarassed.

Can I get a lock please and/or a strong paddling?

You mean there is more to the SDMB then MPSIMS???

YES, you fucking RETARD there IS!!!

Yes, I saw the dreaded “monkey” scene in Faces of Death.

Except for some autopsy footage, the film was utterly unconvincing. This view is backed up in this summary.

The monkey scene was better done than the bear scene or the alligator scene, but it was still obviously fake.

Why do you have to hurt me like that!!! What did I ever do to you??? Have I not been supportive of you through all your failures???

Oh really? Faked? Why do I feel so relieved??? L

so, Whammo, is that how you get up to 2248 posts?

did I invite YOU into my conversation? Nooooo… I don’t think so…

How else do you think I made it to 300 posts? (Woo-HOO!!)
Whammmo, it looks like you are trying to catch up to handy.

If a user posting under an assumed user name is a sock puppet, then what is a user pretending to have multiple personalities but still calling himself Whammo?

A sock nut?

You are obviously mistaken with the famous…man eating a another mans brains with maggots crawling thru it.

I have seen faces of death…faces of deathI …faces of death II and ecetera…I even seen the Many Faces of Death video too.

There is no monkey brain eating scene, though I wish…it would of made those movies less gut pumping palatable.

Like maybe the PIT? Which is where these type of comments and that type of language belong.


But does that count if your swearing at yourself? I mean its bad enough being a sock nut, but going to the pit so you can rant about yourself???
Jest pulling your leg Whammo:wink: I thought it was pretty funny myself…but then it is Saturday, and I’m in on a Saturday, laughing at Whammo’s post…oh boy![/hijack]
oh and I havent seen that video, it sounds disgusting anyway.

Maybe you were in the bathroom when it came on?

I have seen FoD and FoD2, and it’s 21 minutes, 14 seconds into it.

Suck my left… wait… no… that would be pit material.

BTW… there is NO rule about cursing outside the pit. We try to leave any personal attacks to the pit if they HAVE to exist at all. However, nobody ever outlawed language outside the pit. If you need more board lessons just let me know. :wink:

Johnny, I have to ask…how exactly does one see a movie like Faces of Death? Is it a first date movie? Second? Something you rent when “Saving Ryan’s Privates” is out and you’ve rejected your girlfriend’s suggestion of “Waiting to Exhale”? Just morbidly curious…:wink:

So was I. :wink:

FTR, I rented it about 16 years ago. My favourite scene was the alligator attack because the actor they used as a “reporter” couldn’t act.