Regarding Mother Teresa's letters

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I’m a philosophic agnostic and soft atheist, but I tend to think Mother Teresa’s terrible doubts led her to be more of a humanitarian. After all, if, as Teresa thought for many years, there is no God or heaven, then her work with the poor becomes even more important, not less.

So I now see her in a far better light than I had before.

Based on what I’ve read, Mother Teresa had a period rather early in her life when she strongly felt the presence of God, so personally and specifically that she had dialogues with Him. This may have been a genuine religious experience or a certain cocktail of chemicals in her brain or both; I don’t intend to argue that point. Then, for the remainder of her life (with the exception of one comparatively brief period), she never experienced that phenomenon again.

I believe that the absence of that feeling was a genuine loss to MT, regardless of its cause. I believe that she suffered through the deprivation and the contrast to her earlier experience. I deeply respect the fact that she clung to what she intellectually believed was her duty even when she was deprived of emotional reward.

I also respect people of strong belief (religious or not) who act positively and do good without ever having had that magnitude of positive emotional experience.

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I just got a chance to read TIME magazine’s article on this. Yeah, we all have periods of doubt. But 50 years!? I walked away from the church after five. I think it calls into question the validity of her earlier “visions” when she allegedly heard Jesus actually talking to her. I don’t think God deserted her at all. I think the church patriarchs did her a horrible disservice by allowing and even encouraging her to believe she’d literally heard the voice of Jesus. They set the poor woman up for a life of torment. If there’s a heaven, I’ve no doubt MT is there, but if God really exists, he’s gotta’ be pretty upset with a couple of clergymen.