Regarding the color bars for polls

When a poll is displayed, a short color bar appears even if that option has no votes. This is somewhat misleading at a glance, and you have to look further right to see the zero. IMHO, the bar should just be blank when there are no votes. Agree?

Don’t be so lazy. All it takes is the slightest glance to the right. In fact, you don’t even need to look at the bars.

It’s a good point, but I don’t think we can do anything about that.

I agree that it’s not hard to do. My point is that it reduces the graphical value that the bars add. They’re obviously there for a reason.

I don’t intend on making this a big deal, but am curious as to why this can’t be fixed.

Seems to me that vBulletin displays the polls this way and we’d need to hack it to change that. But I’ll wait for one of the admins to confirm.

Is this a poll? I tried voting but can’t.

Because we don’t build the vBulletin software, we just use it.

It’s like asking the cab driver why there are no passenger side air bags in his cab, and then asking him to fix it. He agrees with you that that would be a good thing to have, but there’s not much he can do other than buy a new cab. Which he’s not going to do.