Reggie called himself Mr. October; who's gonna be MLB's first Mr. November?

Well, MLB’s pushing its season further into the icebox, which I guess shows where I stand on that issue. (The only, and I mean only, reason to play 162, is to give Bonds a chance at the record. With 8 teams in the playoffs, they could cut a month off the season, with no harm to the integrity of the championship hunt.)

That aside, though, who’s gonna be baseball’s first November hero? Other than Frosty the Snowman, of course.


It’s a sure bet Seattle’s going to the post-season, and my money is on Ichiro making a menace of himself to opposing teams.

Crunchy Frog you almost took the words right out of my mouth…

Except I was going tos ay Brett Boone, as he’ll be the one driving Ichiro home.

Scott Rolen, hopefully.


Play ball!

Though I am a 'Stros fan, I gotta say Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling will be strong.

I also believe the Mariners will be one of the two teams still standing when the calendar hits November. However, while I think Ichiro and Bret Boone are legitimate MVP candidates, they’re not who I’d put my money on when the pressure turns intense. I’d bet on the person who’s already turned in the biggest hit in Mariner history (to date): Edgar Martinez.

Edgar rocks.

Thnak you. Thank you. This was what I was going to say.

I guarantee that it will NOT be Mike Sweeney.

Well, I’m an evil Yankee fan, however…

If there was ONE man who I think could single handedly propel his team to victory, it would be

Jason Giambi.