Regional expressions you didn't always realize were not widespread

It’s a bit like Seattle “freeze” for some folks.

We used to be genuinely nice but this was abused too many times. We’ve learned to be very cautious.

Nice thing about being in Northern Wisconsin this time of year is no fishtabs. Fucking Illinois shit heads towing a boat. We do have fishtast, fucking Illinois shit heads towing a snowmobile trailer.

Well that’s a new one. To me, “Italian fries” means shoestring fries with herbs and Parmesan cheese.

That’s what I would have expected as well from “Italian fries” – Italian-seasoned fries.

I did the NYT survey a few years ago and it gave me Yonkers/New York/Jersey City. I’m actually from the Bronx, so I don’t figure I’m apt to improve on that result. People from elsewhere sometimes express surprise when I say I’m from here, though they don’t seem to have a particular other place in mind.

Regarding “mayn’t”, I’ve only ever heard it from Felix Unger. “I can’t? Of course I can…aha, you mean I mayn’t!”