Regional Liquid Refreshment

Ok, so I sorta “collect” odd or regional soda (pop, coke, whatever, that’s a different thread). Not that I physically HAVE any of these, I just like to seek them out and try them.

Here in the area that I live, we’ve got Ale-8-One. Every time I’m Home I try to pick up a case of Moxie to bring, well, home. My favorite (due to it’s color, drinking it is actually sorta…nasty) may very well be Green River. Out in the Eastern Wastes on Ohio, there’s Ski-Pop, which I haven’t tried.

And where do you buy it, I always though Dave’s Soda and Pet City was a pretty cool idea.

So…what’s in your area?

Love me some Ale-8.

I’m also a fan of Ski (or Diet Ski) which I usually can’t find in this part of Kentucky. Normally I have to go south of about Danville to find it in the store.

Whenever I visit NYC, I always make a point of going to a proper Jewish deli so I can order a can of Cel-Ray to go with my pastrami sandwich. I’ve never seen it outside the NYC area.

We don’t seem to have any local sodas that are specific to Toronto or Ontario, unfortunately, though make up for it with our plethora of locally-made beers… which is much better as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

Tak-A-Boost. It’s the reason people from South Jersey are…different.

In Middle Tennessee we have Sun Drop. I would say it is in the Mt. Dew family, although possibly closer to Mellow Yellow (do they even make Mellow Yellow anymore?). Personally, I prefer Cherry Sun Drop.

Here in Texas we enjoy Dublin Dr Pepper, which is made using cane sugar instead of corn syrup.

Cheerwine, of course. It’s a very bubbly, cherry-ish soda. Ice cream floats made with Cheerwine are absolutely heavenly. When various family members living outside of North Carolina come home for a visit, they always leave with their car trunk full of the stuff.

There’s also Big Red here in Texas, although to be honest I’ve never been a huge fan. I haven’t tried it in years, though, maybe I’ll give it another shot.

Official Big Red site

I don’t know for certain that it is regional (it may very well be), but a popular brand here is Manzanita Sol. It’s an apple flavored soda by Pepsi. I’m having one right now–tasty!

I was gonna chime in with Cheerwine and Sun-Drop. Damn I miss both of those, especially Cheerwine.

(North Carolinian living in Wisconsin)

here we have Sprecher Brewing Company and their line of craft brewed Root Beer, Cream Soda and the like. They make one hella good beer too. site

We have that here in Michigan.

Well the first thing that came to mind for me was Waialua Soda Works. I tried them for the first time last year, it was pretty good. I remember seeing other Hawaii-based sodas somewhere, I think, but I can’t remember their name, sorry.

Adirondack Beverage’s Waste Watcher’s Diet Black Cherry. Great stuff. The best, however, used to be their Diet Orange Frost – a dry orange soda. Delicious.

I was going to mention Sundrop as well. I worked a week in Tennesee and might have drunk a case of the stuff. In real glass. Takes like Mountain Dew mixed with ginger ale. So good.

Hoo boy, Big Red. That stuff is like drinking a liquified gumball. Although my wife does make a dandy Big Red cake.

Manhattan Special. Espresso soda. Yum.

Vess, the Billion Bubble Beverage!

Thirsty? Just Whistle!

Birmingham, Alabama has Buffalo Rock ginger ale.

I would like to try every single one of these weird soda pops! And don’t they call that stuff “tonic” in Boston?

We have Mexican soft drinks up here (Anchorage, AK), but I can’t think of … whoops. There’s something here called “Sierra Mist” which showed up after Seven-Up disappeared from the shelves. Does that count?

I haven’t seen that since I was last in Texas, and after visiting the website, I’m glad to see that not only have they increased their product line, but also distribution!

And, yes, it is like a mouthful of strawberry bubblegum. But, DAMN IT’S GOOD!!!

I think that one’s national. At least we have it (or used to) here in Alabama.