Registering a Canadian Car in the US

Once my Canadian wife gets her greencard, we’ll have to register her car in the US. But the primary speedometer is in Km/h and the odometer is in kilometers. Will the DMV allow me to register the car in the US without making any changes?

Try this site…

Congrats to your wife!

Thanks frixxxx. While the link that you provided talks about cars having to comply with US safety standards, I’m still not sure about the speedometer/odometer rules. Perhaps somebody who has done this can help.

The speedo is not a concern as I have yet to see a CDN vehicle that does not list MPH as well (in smaller digits, however). I know people that have done this several times, and as long as the safety equipment is acceptable, you’ll have no problem.

Actually, I know of some companies that all they do is export slightly-used Canadian vehicles (pickups usually) to the US and sell them for a nice profit. All of those vehicles have KPH as the primary speed on the speedo.

Sorry for not answering your question directly. My “google perusal” found tons of articles and litigation about fraud of odometers because of the conversion issue. But most basically stated that when you sell the car in question, you must sign that no tampering was accomplished and that the actual mileage, regardless of measurement be correct. This is to protect the buyer. So, bring it across and drive happy! Seems alot of other canadian cars are on our streets!