Regular test users- what are your testing nostril preferences?

  • Right all the way, baby
  • Mostly right, but I’m flexible
  • I like both my nostrils equally
  • I swing left, but like to keep things open
  • Strictly left for me
  • None of the above
  • I neither know nor care

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Yes, I’m bored in isolation. Only one more day…

For myself, I started off alternating, but I realised a few days back that I’m almost exclusively testing my left nostril now. I’m right handed- I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Does it make any difference to results? I’m always paranoid that I haven’t captured enough test sample, so swill it liberally around both nostrils til my eyes are practically bleeding

Ooh, good question. I have no idea. When I was alternating they were all negative, and all my positives have been from the left.

Possibly due to angle of attack they’d be slightly different in effectiveness, depending on which hand you were using? It probably would be an unacceptable waste of kits to test seperately to work out if there’s a difference in line strength…

The instructions for the home test that I’ve been using say to use both.

Interesting- the kits here specify ‘1 nostril’. They also say to swab tonsils - before stuffing it up your nose, obviously.

Aren’t those the older kits? I remember they used to say tonsils and 1 nostril (I think) and the newer ones say both nostrils and no tonsils… (also, I think).

My NHS lateral flow kit says noses only, but swab both.

Both of your noses? :slight_smile:

Mine are probably the older kits- the uni I’m at had a huge pile of the things. I knew the newer ones said no tonsils- though people are claiming it’s more accurate if you do swab them- but I didn’t realise they doubled the nostril prodding requirement.

I’m a vet of getting swabbed weekly for a long time now, and I have had over 900 of my patients test + for covid, and currently have 19 patients with active infections.

I recommend swabbing both nostrils to be sure.

Mine too. But l’m always right first. How do you want me to vote?


Yeah, I suspect I’ve got Omicron. I had symptoms on Wednesday of cough, fatigue, sore throat and runny nose. So I used one of my Amazon purchased kits. I’m not sure if I did it right as shortly after I titrated the 3 drops into the well, the positive stripe came up immediately. I didn’t even bother to check the kit before I put the drops in.

I ended up making an appointment for a drop in PCR test and I’ll get the test back in a couple of days. I fell like I’m recovering, but the cough is still annoying.

Get well soon, homey. When I first was sick, the positive strip came up right away and was dark. Later it was lighter and took a few minutes.

Papa dozes, Mama blows her noses.

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Best wishes.

My tests say to swab both nostrils, so I’ve always done that.

Yeah, got a positive PCR test. I actually signed up for FuboTV so I could watch the NFL conference championships in isolation. I’m feeling fine except for a bit of a cough now.