Reheating pizza--microwave or toaster?

My friend wants to know, and shit.

By the way, the correct answer is toaster. You microwave people are doin’ it wrong.

microwave is always the wrong answer
I usually eat it cold, but if I have to heat it I use the oven, but if I have to pick one of the two choices, I say toaster

  1. Eating it cold is not an option. That’s just gross.

  2. An oven is just a big-ass toaster.

I have never in my life put leftover pizza in the toaster. Won’t the toppings all slide off ??

Leftover pizza is good cold, straight out of the refrigerator.

This kind of toaster.

that device is a toaster oven

That’s a “toaster oven” in my book.

When someone says “toaster”, I think of the old school type chrome unit with two slots.

A toaster oven is a toaster. It is intended to toast things.

Microwave, but just to take the chill off. Putting it in an oven makes the crust too hard. Putting it in a toaster would be a fire hazard what with the toppings sliding off. I didn’t know they even made toaster ovens anymore.

This is also a toaster, though not a good one for pizza.

No. A toaster oven is a toaster oven.


Are you telling me that you’ve never had that delicious, delicious breakfast known as cold pizza and warm beer? :dubious:

So you want to know whether to remove a splinter with chainsaw or a belt sander?

The proper way to reheat pizza:
Zap it for about 20 seconds to warm the topping, then heat it on the griddle with a little butter to crisp the crust.

Wrong. You use a toaster oven or a real oven, depending on what you have and how much pizza you’re reheating.

Sprinkle it with some water on top so it will rehydrate, otherwise what you get is cardboard. Or if you nuke it, cardboard that’s somehow also rubbery and squishy.

Then, if it’s just one slice (or 2 if that fits in your toaster oven), pop it in there for one max cycle. If you’re reheating more than that or only have an actual oven, preheat to 450F and pop it in there for about 8-10 minutes, depending on how hot you like your pizza.

Fancy. But I count at least three additions to the dishwasher there (griddle, spatula, butter knife)–dirty dishes violate the whole pizza-reheating aesthetic.

Or room temperature if you’ve left it out over night.


Put it in a nonstick skillet on medium-high heat crust-down for a couple minutes. Then flip it over, cheese side down, to melt the cheese for another minute or two. Flip back to crust side and cook til it seems hot enough.

Tastes like it’s fresh from the oven. Really. It’s the best way to reheat pizza, hands-down.

By “toaster,” I assume you mean “toaster oven.” I selected “toaster,” but I usually eat it cold, and when I heat it up, I usually do it on the stove, in a covered skillet.


The problem with reheating it in the oven is that the bottom of the crust gets hard and develops little cracks. Get your tongue caught in one of those hard, unforgiving cracks, and… ouch!

I’ve never even thought of hitting it in a skillet on the stove. I’ll try that next time, because microwaving it sucks, and I have no toaster oven.

I use a toaster oven and put it on the baking tray that came with the oven. Bottom stays nice, cheese and toppings get a bit more browned and not soggy/stale.

Microwaved leftover pizza is definitely not to my taste.