Reheating Spinach

So I’ve filled filo parcels with a concoction of spinach, chicken and feta and various herbs and spices. As I’m sliding the tray into the oven and discarding the empty spinach packet I notice the usual “do not re-freeze once thawed” warning on the side, then surprisingly, “spinach should never be reheated”.

In the past, I’ve bought all sorts of prepared foods (quiche, flan, pizza, dip, etc) that contain spinach and which have been reheated prior to serving. Does this mean I’m going to die from a strange spinach-related disorder at a distant, future time???

Why must spinach never be reheated? Does it become carcinogenic? Nuclear-powered? Why, why, why? I must know.

Here’s a previous thread on the subject.

How did you find that? I did a search on “spinach” thinking it would have been asked before but that thread didn’t appear in the search results.

Thanks for the link, which sort of does answer the question.

The hamsters looked favorably on my search technique today. I searched for “reheating spinach” (without quotes) in GQ, looking for threads from one year ago and newer.

For those who don’t want to go to the link to get the answer: