Reigning Jokes.

Someone just kick me if this isn’t in the right forum…

What is the reigning 42 joke? And the “Hi, Opal” one? And any other ones that seem to span across forums and stuff. They pop up every so often, and leave me w/ a confused glaze over my eyes for the next half hour or so (not that that’s hard).

Shuts eyes, cowers, and waits be nice, this is my first thread!

“42” is from Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - it’s supposedly the answer to life, the universe, and everything given by a gigantic computer (the reason for the bizarre answer was that the programmers asked the wrong question). I recommend the books if you haven’t read them.

As far as I know, one of the members, OpalCat, says that a list has to have more than two items for it to be a list. So people started putting “hi Opal” as a third item on any list of only two items. I don’t find it particularly funny.

I smell a simul-post.

Um, “42” is a reference to author Douglas Adams who wrote in his series of “Hitchikers Guide to the Universe” books that the answer to “life the universe and everything” was 42. Its a joke. Or was it??

Many regular posters when making a list will always put #3 as “Hi Opal!”. Its a nod to OpalCat one of our most prolific posters. I believe it sort of got started as a joke and has now become a tradition.

Slaps myself upside the head God, I knew the Hitchhikers one, I just didn’t connect. Thank you.
The OpalCat seems kinda funny now that I get it. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get too overused.

See ? Told ya.

Yeah, that sure would be a shame. If that joke got overused, I mean. Can anyone think of a way to prevent that from happening? I’d sure be disappointed if that joke ceased to be funny due to overuse.

  1. It is around for a long time.
  2. It jumped the shark about halfway from when it started (according to some posters at least).
  3. Hi Opal.

Is it jumping the shark to say that “Jumping the Shark” has jumped the shark?

Please. That’s so last season, as is saying “that’s so last season”. Self-referential sarcasm is the new black, and whatever is the new black is so last season.