Reincarnation: Recall of Past Life-Yes or No?

K, I posted thisin the wrong forum. My question: assuming you are reincarnated, why is the recall of your past life so rare? There have been cases reported (mainly from India) where people have been able to recall their past lives, in great detail. Why is this so rare?

Some people lack a good strong imagination?

There is no such thing as reincarnation. People who claim to remember their past lives are either crazy, making it up, or have been misled.

It’s my understanding that the whole “remembering your past life” is mostly limited to New Agey types who’ve borrowed the bits of reincarnation they like, turning into a fun thing as opposed to a cycle of suffering.

To phrase your question differently: Assuming this world was constructed by robots five minutes ago, why is there so little scaffolding around?

Like Shot From Guns said, most religions that believe in reincarnation believe that the reincarnated person lacks the knowledge and personalities of his or her past lives. There are some exceptions to this, but that’s generally considered to be the case.

And the robots took the scaffolding down once they were done constructing the world.

In what sense can it be considered the same person, if there is no continuity of body, memory or personality?

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