Rejected Cartoons - weird funny link

A little strange, but this cracked me up this morning. I like to imagine a room full of Family Learning Channel executives watching these with a strange look on their faces.

Rejected Cartoons by: Don Hertzfeldt

yes quite funny:

Rejected was Hertzfeldt’s first film out of college. Released in theaters in 2000, the short won dozens of awards, was nominated for an Oscar

They’re mildly humorous. But short of shitting on the table and flinging the poo at the screeners, I’m not sure what else he could have done to make himself less attractive to his would-be patrons.

There were no would be patrons. This was an independent film that Hertzfeldt did when just out of college.

Right. The “clients” were fictional.

I like his “Billy’s Balloon.”

I’m still imagining my room full executives and you can’t stop me! :slight_smile:

These are good too.

Frosted Mini Wheats now uses a mini wheat mascot on their box that looks like a Hertzfeldt character. So whenever I serve mini wheats to my kids for breakfast, I always shout “My anus is bleeding!” and they laugh and laugh … .