Reliable Sat. Nav.

Recent story in UK of Sat. Nav. directing drivers along a gravel track, through a gate, and along a narrow road bordering a 100’ drop, resulting in Mini buses, trucks having to reverse down narrow road…Any other unreliable routes? I have been directed into a works yard, along a road which narrowed to 5’…


“Sat. Nav.”?


I don’t see “Sat. Nav.” anywhere on that page.

I was driving down to Point Pleasant with some friends in high school and the girl who was driving was relying solely on her fancy in car computer navigation system. While we were driving down Atlantic she got confused by the computer which insisted the ocean was behind us. This of course was impossible because we were driving towards Ocean Ave, which borders the shore. It was pretty funny because she swore by the stupid computer instead of her eyes and common sense.

Apparently, NOAA factors sat nav issues into their space weather scales.

= Satellite Navigation

We’re Yanks and have to guess/decipher Cockney slang/talk!